Ruth Hinks is the profile chef behind Cocoa Black, a high-quality chocolate boutique and pastry school in Peebles. Boasting awards like UK Confectioner of the Year and UK Best Chocolates, Cocoa Black and Ruth Hinks already had great products and an incredible vision for the future. Cocoa Black engaged Klaklak to strengthen its brand and convey its expertise and passion for chocolate.


Over the past few years, Ruth Hinks has built a chocolate boutique in Peebles. The problem was that the shop didn’t look engaging and their communication was not matching the standards of their high-quality product. On top of that, Ruth Hinks ‘the brand’ had not been present in any form. Huge ambition, with little execution knowledge. Klaklak worked with Cocoa Black and listened carefully to their needs and wishes. The first step was to define their priorities, and then Klaklak began to execute our expertise.


Firstly, we repositioned Ruth Hinks as a brand and created powerful logos for Ruth Hinks and The Chocolate & Pastry school. With CGI, we fully redesigned the interior of the boutique which now captivates their customers as they enter the shop and the school. Their high-quality product is also now reflected in their new packaging designs and luxury wrappers, improving customer satisfaction and generating repeat business. Ruth Hinks has experienced greater exposure for her personal brand and Cocoa Black with her new website, which is rich in content. Klaklak is now an integral part of their marketing and continues to work with Ruth Hinks and Cocoa Black to take the business to the next level.