Voted the 15th best rugby player of the XX century

Klaklak worked alongside the small French town of Vic en Bigorre who wished to immortalize its most famous resident – French international rugby star Jean Dupuy or Pipiou. We wanted to create a brand that pointed to his service to the French international rugby squad whilst retaining a very personal look and feel.


When it comes to design and patriotism, the French have very strong opinions. We thought it would be a very good idea to include the tricolour of the French flag in the design to signify the French nationality of Pipiou as well as his many achievements for the French rugby team. We also wanted to incorporate a vintage font into the design to give it a very personal but iconic feel.


Klaklak delivered a Brand strategy containing the Pipiou brand and some key images to the mayor of Vic en Bigorre, before a civic ceremony that was being held in Jean’s memory by and for the people of Vic en Bigorre. The mayor and fans were moved by not only the gesture but also at the speed that everything was researched, executed and delivered.