Transport for Edinburgh provides integrated transport across Scotland’s capital, combining Lothian Buses and Edinburgh Trams Ltd. Following their vision to provide a seamless and high-quality transportation choice for residents and visitors to Edinburgh city, Transport for Edinburgh required to engage more with their passengers with more lifestyle image around their transport. We planned, directed and photographed a large library of lifestyle images focused on transport. The images are now used across many media and advertising channels.


Klaklak has specialised in professional photography for the transport sector for over ten years and is renowned for their work in this area. Covering not only photography of the vehicles themselves but also their surrounding industries, issues and of course people, Klaklak’s experience ensures we know how best to deal with the challenges transport Photography can pose.


We provided Transport for Edinburgh with a large selection of retouched images, with no usage restriction. Edinburgh Transport was available to find images for each marketing feed with different images every time, therefore keeping their customers engaged and informed at all times. Klaklak managed to capture a significant amount details in the shots for tram and buses and captured the models in the perfect natural light and many different scenarios.