Klaklak is a brand, video and photography-led creative agency based in edinburgh. branding is in everything we do, and we do it well. We also provide many other creative services. so, if you’re wondering if we can help you transform your business, the answer is yes. have a look at our creative services below.
Branding | Video Production| Photography| Illustration| Graphic Design | CGI | Sound

Our brand identity expertise can help to define how you can leverage your brand to reach business goals and meet your vision, uphold corporate values and achieve your corporate mission. It encourages senior management to reach consensus on longer-term growth objectives and stake out where that growth could and should come from.

Brand Strategy & Position | Logotype Design| Brand Identity| Brand Guidelines| Logos & Iconography

From corporate videos, company show reels or interviews, our combined creative experience and skills allow us to deliver any brief you may have. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can create videos with production values far in excess of the production cost, providing broadcast quality film that you will be proud to share with all your stakeholders and audiences. 

Corporate Video | Events Video | Motion Graphics | Training Video | V-Blogs

Klaklak offer a bespoke photography service. Recognising that client needs differ, that one-size does not fit all, we will always work to your specific brief. Whether you require photography for your website, print or both – we will provide stunning high-resolution images, showcasing your business in the best light possible.

Commercial Photography | Corporate Potraits | Events & Conference | Products


Drawing is one of the first creative endeavours of every childhood, from stick-men to houses with four windows and a door. Let us bring our childhood passion to your project. Illustration can be a wonderful tool for communicating making complex messages easily understood and enlivening dry topics. Whether it’s an annual report, a promotional poster, a restaurant menu, a comic strip or a children’s book, Klaklak’s unique brand of illustration is sure to add a unique and memorable dimension to your project. 

Rough sketching | Industrial Drawing | Technical Drawing | Caricature | Cartoon

We can help new-start and established businesses take control of your brand reputation and get to grips with simple and complex branding and marketing issues. Let Klaklak help your business grow by taking on your marketing challenges and getting key brand messages in front of the right audience. 

Packaging | Print Design (Brochures, Leaflets, Posters, etc) | Signage Design | Livery Design | Advertising


Specialised services able to create cinema quality computer-generated graphics and photorealistic 3D visuals paired with expressive 2D visuals to help advertise your product and communicate your brand. The areas in which these services can be used include animation, print and post-production. 

3D Modelling | Lighting | Texturing | Rendering | Animation


In our recording and voiceover studio we can record a voiceover, sound effects and then mix and dub the audio so that it sounds great. We have extensive experience working with actors, voice actors and voiceover artists. We have a wealth of voiceover talent on the books or available at short notice to pop into our voiceover studio and add a voice to your content.

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